2007 was a historical year for the Brunner company. That year, a team tested the product on their Mount Everest expedition. They realised that the isolation of the LIBA® Smart material outperformed the other products on the market, and in that moment, we decided to launch our own brand – LIBA® Smart.

There had been different alternatives available before. But the durability, the ease in production and range of different design opportunities, in combination with flexibility and high quality, made the material highly relevant on the market.

Since the start, the business has developed more than well. You’ll find the material as a component to several popular brands. Among the users are some of the most relevant footwear producers in the outdoor and safety segment, where the characteristics of LIBA® Smart suits perfectly.

When other material dries out and get damaged by sun, water and so on, the LIBA® Smart keeps the top-quality characteristics in a long-term perspective.

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